About This Site

Welcome to my website! The Flag Fanatic is a blog about flags, but that’s probably obvious. I started this site to talk about flags, their history and the symbolisms behind their design. Flags are a passion of mine and I hope this website will be a place to share my love for vexillology with others. Take a look around if that interests you, too!

About Me

My name is Michael. I am a flag enthusiast and love all things involving logos, icons and symbols. It isn’t the only work in my life, though. By day, I am a system engineer and have a strong interest in development and programming.

What is Vexillology?

Vexillology is the study of flags. The term was coined by Whitney Smith, a famous vexillologist and founder of many international and national flag organizations. The word is derived from the word, “vexillum”, which was an Ancient Roman military banner. 

Does this site have its own flag?

Funny you should ask… it does! Behold the flag of The Flag Fanatic:

The Flag Fanatic flag
The Flag Fanatic flag

The FF flag is 5:8 with a yellow cross on a dark blue background. Cutting the cross are two F letters; one F on the hoist and another F, mirrored, on the fly. The colors of the flag, orange, yellow and blue, are the official colors of The Flag Fanatic.

Are you Swedish?

Nope. Why do you ask?