Flag Redesign

Little Rock, AR

Hey, Fanatics! It’s another “Flag Redesign,” a series I thoroughly enjoy. Today, we are back in the continental United States to visit and reimagine the flag of Little Rock, Arkansas. Little Rock is a major City and capital of the state of Arkansas. Situated on the Arkansas River, Little Rock has been a major center […]

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Juneau, AK

Please Read – Not long after writing this post, I discovered the flag of another Alaskan city, Seward, which bears a great resemblence to some of my redesigns for Juneau (you can find an image of Seward’s flag on the city’s Wikipedia page). I want to take the opportunity to apologize if it appears that

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Montgomery, Alabama

Hey there, readers! It’s a long-overdue post. I am back with another Flag Redesign. I really enjoyed working on the State of New York’s flag and am thinking about doing a redesign post for every state capital, working my way alphabetically by state. Let me know your thoughts on that idea. There are some state

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New York

Hi there, Fanatics! Today marks the grand start of a new series on The Flag Fanatic that I have aptly named, “Flag Redesign”. This series will focus on current or historical flags that I will attempt to redesign.  Have you ever walked by a state or city municipal building and noticed the flag flying next

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