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Hey, Fanatics! I am back with another edition of The Flag Review. We are taking a trip to the Baltics to learn about the flag of the Republic of Estonia, a simple but beautiful flag. Estonia is a small European nation situated on the Baltic Sea. It is one of three countries that make up […]

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Hey, Fanatics! I am here with another installment of The Flag Review! This flag comes by request from a fellow reader. Today, we will head back to the Caribbean and explore the flag of Grenada. Grenada is an island nation about 100 miles north of Venezuela and 160 miles southwest of Barbados (a nation I

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Hey, Fanatics! It’s another long-overdue post of The Flag Review, and for that, I apologize. Two weeks per post is quickly becoming more than a month. However, I am in the process of working on another series, which I hope to release soon (exciting!). Keep an eye out for it.  Today’s review is actually a

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South Africa

Hello, Fanatics! Welcome back to another post of The Flag Review. Apologies for the late arrival of this post. Better late than never, I suppose. Today’s post covers a younger flag in the history of the world (and one of my personal favorite national flags), the flag of South Africa. Typically, there is always an

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Welcome back, fanatics! Another 14 days, another post. I am on a roll, here! This post will be the third in The Flag Review series. Take a look at my other two posts if you have the time. This review will be focusing on the flag of Barbados. Let’s get started! Barbados is an island

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Welcome back, fanatics! If this is your first time reading this blog: hello! The Flag Fanatic is a site I created where I discuss flags from around the world, both current and historical. The post you are reading (currently dubbed “The Flag Review”) takes a look at a flag’s design and history. In my first

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